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Personalities, Hosts and MCs

The perfect host can definitely make a perfect event. Each one in this group is smart, charming and always entertaining.

Theresa Albert

Theresa AlbertTheresa is a sought after media commentator and lifestyle pundit. As a speaker she uses humour and relevance to inspire and inform whether she is emceeing an event or discussing the importance of a personal brand. As a food and health expert she motivates people to become the CEO of their own health. Her social media expertise is in demand within social media as well as corporate circles.


Topics: Personalities, Hosts and MCs; Lifestyle; Health and Wellness; Social Media; Motivation and Inspiration; Education and Family

Deborah Boland

Deborah BolandDeborah Boland is a dynamic and entertaining speaker.  Her presentations engage, motivate and provide life-changing experiences for successful women 40+ who want to look stylish, classy and age-amazing. 


Topics: Lifestyle; Motivation and Inspiration; Personalities, Hosts and MCs; Entrepreneurship

Kathy Buckworth

Kathy BuckworthKathy Buckworth is an award winning writer, public speaker, and television personality.  She is the author of five books, including “The BlackBerry Diaries: Adventures in Modern Motherhood” and her latest, “Shut Up and Eat: Tales of Chicken, Children & Chardonnay”. She is a feature writer for in their parenting, travel, and auto sections, and is also a columnist for ParentsCanada, Womens Post, Ottawa Families, Dabble Magazine, and GoodLife.


Topics: Personalities, Hosts and MCs; Lifestyle; Education and Family; Social Media; Sales and Marketing

Linda Edgecombe

Linda EdgecombeBest-Selling Author, Speaker, Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) and Speaker Hall of Fame Inductee (HoF), Humorist, and "Re-Invention Strategist", Linda Edgecombe is an internationally renowned, award-winning humorous speaker, trainer and consultant. She is a best-selling author who energizes every room as she leads people to loosen up, lighten the load and laugh.


Topics: Lifestyle; Motivation and Inspiration; Personalities, Hosts and MCs

Erica Ehm

Erica EhmErica Ehm, creator/publisher of ,  is one of Canada's most recognized personalities. Chosen to be the first female MuchMusic host, she became the voice of her generation. Since then Ehm has remained in the spotlight as her multi-faceted media career has blossomed in television, radio, film, theater, journalism, songwriting, and music publishing. 


Topics: Lifestyle; Motivation and Inspiration; Personalities, Hosts and MCs

Ali Hassan

Jim HarrisChef and Cooking Instructor Ali Hassan originally took to the comedy stage in 2006, to hone his live presentation skills in preparation for the development of a comedic cooking show.  While the development of the cooking show continues, Ali has fallen in love with the stage and audiences have fallen in love right back. 


Topics: Personalities, Hosts and MCs

Barry Kennedy

Barry KennedyBarry grew up in Winnipeg, went to school in British Columbia has roots in Newfoundland and has ventured to some of the coldest climates this country offers.  He can speak to the uniqueness that is Canada…and the various adventures he has experienced as a television host, actor, comedian, author and an officer in the Canadian Air Force.


Topics: Motivation and Inspiration; Adventure; Personalities, Hosts and MCs

Alvin Law

Barry KennedyAlvin Law is a master storyteller.  His sometimes humorous, sometimes serious, but always honest observations about the human experience connects him with his audience in a unique way.  His audience feels both the pain and elation that all human beings experience regardless of the circumstances of their birth and he challenges people to reconsider the excuses they make in their daily lives. 


Topics: Motivation and Inspiration; Health and Wellness; Diversity

Marla Lukofsky

Stephen LewisThe Toronto Sun called her "the reigning queen of comedy in Canada." The Globe and Mail called her "suave and stylish". For the last thirty years, Marla Lukofsky has performed as a stand-up comedian in every major city in Canada and the United States.


Topics: Health and Wellness; Motivation and Inspiration; Personalities, Hosts and MCs

Eric Novak

Eric NovakEric Novak is the Creator, Principal Contributor and Executive Editor of ENVIRODAD.COM. He is also the President and founder of Modern Media Perspectives. In this role, he provides media consulting services related to public and media relations, marketing and communications. Eric is a consultant, video producer, TV host, writer and blogger. 


Topics: Environment; Communication and Technology; Education and Family; Entrepreneurship; Personalities, Hosts and MCs; Social Media


Louise Pitre

Louise PitreReceiving a Tony nomination for her Broadway debut in the smash hit Mamma Mia! was a highlight within a career that spans theatre, television and concert stages across North America and Europe.  


Topics: Personalities, Hosts and MCs

Sue Seguin

Sue SeguinSue Seguin, B.A., C.G.P., T.L.C., has been engaging and informing audiences for over 20 years, helping people rise to the challenges posed by diabetes, obesity, menopause and food allergies. Sue is a Therapeutic Lifestyle Coach (T.L.C.), Certified Gluten Practitioner (C.G.P.) and a Level II Reiki Practitioner. She graduated from McGill University in Anthropology in 1981 and worked as a Doctor of Homoeopathic Medicine from 2002-2014. 


Topics:  Lifestyle; Health and Wellness; Education and Family; Personalities, Hosts and MCs

Veronica Tennant

Veronica TennantAs Prima Ballerina with The National Ballet of Canada, Veronica Tennant won a devoted following as a dancer of extraordinary versatility and dramatic power. She gave her farewell performances in Romeo and Juliet and - A Passion For Dance - Celebrating the Tennant Magic in 1989. Tennant overlapped immediately as Host of Sunday Arts Entertainment on CBC Television launching her present career as a producer/director.


Topics: Teamwork and Leadership; Change and Innovation; Motivation and Inspiration; Personalities, Hosts and MCs

Wes "Maestro" Williams

Daniel ThompsonAs one of Canada’s most successful and influential Hip Hop artists, Wes “Maestro” Williams was selected to be the guest speaker for the former Governor General of Canada’s Summit on Urban Arts when Her Excellency visited Vancouver, BC. Wes has received two Juno Awards and his albums have reached gold and platinum status. His signature song “Let Your Backbone Slide” remains the only Canadian Hip Hop single to ever go gold.


Topics: Diversity; Motivation and Inspiration; Personalities, Hosts and MCs; Teamwork and Leadership

Libby Znaimer

Libby ZnaimerLibby Znaimer is a prominent Canadian journalist specializing in health, the arts, and lifestyle issues. After working in television broadcasting covering business and politics for two decades, she joined MZ Media in 2006. She serves as Vice-President of News and Information for both Classical 96.3FM and AM740. She is also producing and hosting The Zoomer Report, a special feature on all topics of interest to the baby boom generation


Topics: Personalities, Hosts and MCs; Health and Wellness; Lifestyle


Ethan Zohn

ethan zohnEthan Zohn is the 2002 winner of the reality television show Survivor. With his 1 million dollar prize money, Ethan co-founded Grassroot Soccer, a nonprofit organization that trains professional soccer players to teach African children, a tailor-made SKILLZ curriculum, about HIV/AIDS prevention.


Topics: Adventure; Motivation and Inspiration; Lifestyle; Teamwork and Leadership; Health and Wellness; Personalities, Hosts and MCs


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